What This Blog is About

I created this blog to record my research and writing processes, and to facilitate interaction, feedback, and free exchange of ideas by making my academic exploits publicly viewable. My initial focus was on the idea of the sublime as found in Romantic and Gothic literature, particularly in relation to our modern, increasingly technological world. I then shifted the focus as I prepared for (and then completed) a field study to South Africa to learn about local culture and perceptions of ecotourism -- tourism which strives to be environmentally responsible, sustainable and beneficial to local people. I used this blog to record my experiences, research and discoveries while in South Africa, and will continue to use it to record my analysis and conclusions. I've also made efforts to continue in my exploration of the sublime, connecting it to ecotourism and my experiences in South Africa. In the future, this blog might take any direction at all.

More than anything, this is an effort to reach out to other people (like you!) and involve them in what I'm doing. I always appreciate any comments, connections, critiques or suggestions that you may have!